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Corporations - the church of our time?

Today, our life is shaped by global corporations, and brands have become the subject of worship. Their value is appraised according to the feelings that they evoke in us: pride, beauty, accomplishment, etc.


Is this good or bad and what stands above it?

The Internet has fueled the era of globalization. Seven out of 10 of the world’s most valuable companies are tech companies. The invisible eye watches our every step, analyzes our actions and predicts our future, imperceptibly shaping our needs. Artists Natalia Lvova and Misha Priem with their project “The New Religion” invite for dialogue and reflection.

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Natalia Lvova

Art Director, Artist, Painter.


From Siberia (Russia) to San Francisco (California), Natalia Lvova is the beloved creator of 200+ paintings, known for her strong, vibrant colors, unique patterns, and techniques. Natalia’s signature style, as coined by her is “TwiddleART.” Her artworks have been displayed in the United States, Russia, and France and celebrated worldwide.  She is frequently featured in the international press and media worldwide.

Natalia is the illustrator of BukvaBuk, an educational art book to teach abstract thinking to children, endorsed by the Department of Education in Tyumen City, Russia. She has also been known to dabble in creating some distinct fashion collections. She leads a number of master classes, seminars, and workshops, including ”Everyone is an Artist in One’s Soul,” and the program, ”An Artist Who Sells”, to empower fellow artists to learn how to hold exhibitions and successfully build an artist career.

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Misha Priem

Environment architect, Artist.

Misha has the passion and talent to portray new perspectives from education and art projects. His is a philosopher, an artist, and a poet.

Graduate of 2009 from architecture institute, Misha embarked on teaching, first teaching design and architecture at Henan University in China. Two years later, he began working on urban design projects in Russia, organizing several urban festivals. This is where he began to find and develop his own style in public spaces. In 2017, Misha presented on his “Metaphoric Language” project at an international conference on the development of public spaces in New York. Misha is now constantly organizing architectural workshops throughout Russia, which is changing the environment of post-Soviet cities with local residents, business, administration, collaboratively and together.

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Ksenia Chabanenko

Communications Director

An entrepreneur and marketing communications professional with years of experience in tech. Ex-VP of Communications at Group (a public corporation with 150+ M users) and a founder of two agencies that help IT startups to find their market and tell their story globally.


Her first mobile was a Siemens C45; the first messenger - ICQ (5-digit number. Stolen); the first game - the IBM DOS Tetris; the first book she wrote was about Twitter. The Internet has evolved just around her life and career. Maybe this is why the reflection of “The New Religion” creators resonates with her so deeply. 


Daria Novo

Composer, Arranger

Daria Novo is a Russian composer, arranger, and orchestrator working mainly in scoring for films and animation, as well as music for theater. A graduate of St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music, Novo has arranged or orchestrated for the St. Petersburg Concert Choir, the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy, and has orchestrated alongside several Russian film composers. Her original arrangements for a cappella choir hold a special place in her work.


In 2013 she was named the laureate of the Youth Prize of St. Petersburg in the field of Art. Novo is currently a music composition and sound design teacher at SF Conservatory of Music and is writing music for mobile games, television, and theaters in the US and Russia. In 2018 Novo was commissioned to write music for the highly anticipated world premiere of SF Ballet’s Choreographer in Residence Yuri Possokhov. 

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